Legal Aid

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As a niche practice which specializes in this area of law, we fully appreciate that your need to instruct us at one if not the most difficult time or periods in your life. As a result of this recognition, we will ensure that at the initial interview you are advised whether you are entitled to public funding. Should you not qualify for public funding and have to instruct us privately, we will discuss rates and flexible payment options we offer.

In order to qualify for public funding/legal aid, it is necessary that you fulfil a two-stage process. Firstly a merits test, this simply means that you must satisfy the Legal Services Commission that public money can be used in order that you are presented in the case in which you have instructed BG Lawyers LLP and secondly financial eligibility.

Please note that is a requirement that you will need to provide documentation regarding your financial position to the Legal Services Commission when an application is initially made, and after you have been granted public funding should if requested.

Please follow this link to check if you can get legal aid or call us to learn more on 020 7538 1683.

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